Buddhist Society

The Name

The name is derived from one of the sutta that is “Mahasatipatthana Sutta” which translate to The Great Discourse on the Establishing of Awareness. The word “satipatthana” is the name for an approach to meditation aimed at establishing sati, or mindfulness. The term sati is related to the verb sarati, to remember or to keep in mind. In addition as a compound term, satipatthana can be broken down in two ways, either as sati-patthana, foundation of mindfulness; or as sati-upatthana, establishing of mindfulness.


1.To propagate the sublime teachings of the Buddha base on Theravada tradition. Emphasis on the practise of awareness meditation.

2.To encourage the practise of the Buddha’s teaching base on the 4 foundations of mindfulness which are: Body (kayanupassana), Feeling (vedanupassana), Conciousness (cittanupassana) and Mental Objects(dhammanupassana).

3.To encourage, develop and practise mindfulness meditation through talks, forums and discussions.

4.To author, edit, print and distribute Buddha’s teachings.

5.To have social and welfare activities for members.

6.To build a meditation centre for all meditation practitioners.

Present Committee

  • Chairman: Bro Lee Kok Cheng
  • Vice Chairman: Sis Francis Yeap Yee Mee
  • Secretary: Bro Anthony Lee Chiaw Han
  • Assistant Secretary: Sis Eng Hong Li
  • Treasurer: Bro Tan Chin Hoe

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The Venue