Meditation Retreat with Phra Kovido Bhikkhu

We are very glad that, Phra Kovido Bhikkhu agreed and will be conducting a 2 days non staying in meditation retreat at Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society, Klang.

Devotees are encouraged to offer lunch dana (get ready by 10:30am).

9.30amPuja & 5 Precepts
10.00amMeditation Instructions
11.00amLunch Dana
Walking Meditation
01.30pmSitting Meditation
02.30pmTea Break
03.00 pmWalking Meditation
04.00pm Question & Answers
05.00pmEnd of Retreat

Biodata of Phra Kovido Bhikkhu

Phra Kovido Bhikkhu first taste of a monk’s life was a temporary ordination in Perlis, Malaysia in 1984 after some years of meditation and started Insight Meditation about 20 years ago along the practice of the teachings of forest masters, Luang Pu Mun, Ajahn Chah and their disciples.

In June 2015, Bhante was ordained as a Dhammayutika monk, indefinitely at Oxford Buddha Vihara, Oxford, England. Prior to bhikkhu ordination.Phra Kovido Bhikkhu currently resides in Thailand, learning different Korwat practices of the forest tradition.