Sutta study with Bro Benny Liow -11 August 2019

Right Mindfulness (Pali : Sammā- Sati) On 11 August 2019, long time Dhamma speaker Bro Benny Liow will be sharing what is Right Mindfulness based on the Eight-fold noble path and how to apply the teaching into our daily life. There will be Sutta discussions which focuses on the Fundamental teachings of the Buddha.

Right Mindfulness (Pali : Sammā-Sati)

The noun sati is related to the verb sarati to remember. But sati is not memory but that which facilitates and enables memory. This means that if sati is present, memory will function well. In Satipaṭṭhāna meditation, it is due to the presence of sati that one is able to remember which would be easily forgotten: the present moment.

The Buddha explained that sati on its own is not enough to destroy cankers. It requires a combination of diligence and clear knowing, supported by a state of mind free from desires and discontent, and directed towards the body, feelings, mind, and dhammas to become the path factor of Right Mindfulness.


  • Contemplates internally, externally, both internally and externally.
  • Contemplates nature of arising, of vanishing, of both arising and vanishing.
  • Is mindful that there is/are a body, feelings, mind, dhammas – just for knowledge and repeated sati.
  • Is independent, and does not cling to anything in the world.

For more, please join the Sutta Study class. Everyone is welcome to join. See you soon.

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