Sutta study with Bro Benny Liow -29 Sept 2019

Right Concentration (Pali : Sammā- Samadhi) On 29 September 2019, long time Dhamma speaker Bro Benny Liow will be sharing what is Right Concentration based on the Eight-fold noble path and how to apply the teaching into our daily life. There will be Sutta discussions which focuses on the Fundamental teachings of the Buddha.

Right Concentration (Pali : Sammā-Samadhi)

Right concentration (sammā-samādhi) in the Eight-fold Path is defined as the 4 meditative absorptions (jhāna). In a wider sense, it also comprises the much weaker states of concentration. If it is associated with kammically wholesome (kusala) consciousness, it is right concentration. But if it is associated with kammically unwholesome (akusala) consciousness, it is wrong concentration (micchā samādhi).

Mahācattārīsaka Sutta, MN 117 The Great Forty
Translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

“What, bhikkhus, is noble right concentration with its supports and its requisites, that is, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, and right mindfulness? Unification of mind equipped with these seven factors is called noble right concentration with its supports and its requisites.

Mahasi Method on Noting

The basic instructions are to make a quiet, simple mental note of all sensations that arise, concentrating generally on the breath when sitting and the feet when walking. On retreat, this is typically done with alternating hour sitting, hour walking, hour sitting, etc., for most of the day.

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