Yuan Shi Dian Practice & Therapy

Dear brothers and sisters.

Yuan Shi Dian (aka Origin Point Therapy/OPM/OPT/YSD) practice cum therapy will be on every Sunday (except 3rd Sunday) at Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society from 10 am ~ 12 pm. You may bring your family members along for free treatment and gain tips on natural health improvement. To make an appointment please send Whatsapp to 012-2098986 (Name, Age, Health issue)

Items to bring:
1) A bath towel and a long hand towel
2) NRIC for verification
3) Fill up a form which will be provided at centre

Dress Code:
Soft Cotton Collarless t-shirt & Yoga/Track Bottom

Contact person:
Bro Lee +6017-2568137
Bro Terence +6012-2098986 (YSD consultation and appointment)

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